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Raven Makenzie

Certified Professional Life Coach

Raven Makenzie is a devoted servant, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who leads with a heart dedicated to serving others. She founded Bold Faith International, where she teaches the word of God

with clarity, and embodies a keen desire to impact the lives of those she encounters positively. In her

book, A Harvest for Every Season, Raven emphasizes the importance of understanding the seed time

and harvest. She explains that every season has a harvest, even the toughest ones.

Her role extends beyond ministry, serving as a life coach and business consultant. She helps clients

address personal, professional, or relationship issues by asking purposeful questions to guide them

toward personal or professional growth. If you're looking for life coaching, chances are you're a high-functioning individual who is generally content with their life. However, you may have specific goals

you've been struggling to achieve or questions about your life that you'd like to explore further. If this sounds like you, Raven is the life coach you need to take your life to the next level.

Raven is a philanthropist and mentor who has been actively involved in uplifting communities. She has

collaborated with non-profit organizations to provide housing for people who are experiencing

homelessness. She has also provided consultation services for teambuilding exercises, business start-

ups, and various business projects. Raven is the Founder and CEO of GodScent Co. She is a certified life

coach with IAP Career College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Theology, which she

expects to complete in the fall of 2024.



  • Certified with IAP Career College

Raven Makenzie
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